Hiring an SEO Specialist

What Does an SEO Specialist Do?

An SEO Specialist is in charge of maintaining the health of the company’s website. He/she performs keyword research, advising of best practices, and developing SEO strategies both on and off page of the company’s websites. An SEO Specialist also manages the day-to-day search marketing activities across multiple search engines including the campaign planning, budget management, and optimization of paid search campaigns.

How Much Does an SEO Specialist cost?

Salaries of SEO specialists have been on the rise for over the past years. SEO specialist who are in entry-level receive less than those with advanced expertise across multiple platforms. Also, SEO professionals with more specialized functions on a marketing team may possess different titles and receive a different salary.


If you happen to need an SEO Specialist for your company, please send an email to allaine.peltier@gmail.com. I’ll be happy to answer your questions!


Hiring a Virtual Assistant

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

Depending on the needs of the client and terms of the contract, the duties of Virtual Assistants in the Philippines vary. Some may be tasked to handle administrative and bookkeeping duties, while others may write articles for a blog or regularly post updates to social media. But make no mistake, Virtual Assistants can perform a wide variety of tasks. In fact, the services they offer continue to grow which is why a lot of companies and entrepreneurs just can’t do without them.

How Much Does a Virtual Assistant Cost?

The cost of a Virtual Assistant depends on three factors: education, skill level and experience. Every virtual assistant varies on their rates depending on the terms you will also agree to. Usually, the cost of a virtual assistant will also depend on the number of hours you will be needing. It is important for both parties to provide a transparent agreement to avoid conflicts when it comes to billing and asking for work outputs.


If you happen to need a virtual assistant for your company or business, please send an email to allaine.peltier@gmail.com. I’ll be happy to answer your questions!


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